Car Buying Advice

Before training and becoming a qualified Driving Instructor in 2006, I worked in the motor trade for over 25 years, firstly as a Motor Mechanic,  working my way up to General Manager.  I also ran the used car department, buying cars for stock and getting them ready for resale.  For a short period I also worked in a new car dealership, selling new cars.

Decide on the make and model of car that  you would like and can afford.  Think too about the cost of insurance, the running cost, repairs, fuel etc then do your homework by checking out reviews on the Net to find any common faults to look out for.  Check the insurance groups Car Insurance and advice Check out parker. com or what to get an idea of the price/value  you can expect to pay for the car of your choice.  This all depends on the condition and the mileage.  Check out the auto trader    to find out  how much the car you are thinking about is being sold for. If you have a family member or a friend that as a good knowledge of cars, get them to help.

Where to buy from?


You can pick up a bargain when buying from a auction but unless you know someone who knows something about cars and buying at a auction, then I would advise avoid going down this route. These cars are  sold with  no warranty and are mainly  ‘sold as seen’.


Buying from a Dealer is not always the cheapest way of buying a car but at least your have some legal right if the car goes wrong and usually cars are sold with a warranty.  It may be the best way to buy if you have no knowledge of what to look for when purchasing a car and no one to help you with this, other than the seller.


This is normally the cheapest way to buy, but you have no legal rights if things go wrong with the car after you have bought it. You need to check the car and all the paper work over carefully.  Remember it’s a buyers market out there so make sure you haggle to get the price down.  If you do your homework, you should have a good idea of what the car is worth.  Again go on the internet and type in what to check when buying a used car.   You will find lots of information and some really good check lists for what to look out for when buying a used car.

If you need any help or advice and your a pupil or a former pupil, just give me a ring – 0161 480 2210 John