Part 2: Driving Test

Part 2 Driving Ability Test.

Training will be kept sraightforward and simple. The test is of an advanced nature. By passing the Part 1 Theory and Hazard Perception Test, you have prove you have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety  and you will need to show the Examiner that you can drive to a high standard of competence,

Our Pay As You Go Training

You may have been driving for many years and possibly have developed some bad habits.  After an  assessment drive, we can start to build a detailed plan to develop and improve your driving to bring you to the standard needed to pass.  Most trainees take around 5 to 20 hours depending on the individual,  so the more you practise and improve your driving skills between training sessions, the less hours you will need, saving you money on your training

Over 30 years Experience

A Star has two trainers, myself  – John Hempsall and David Evans.  Between us we have over 30 years experience within the driver training industry, both as ADI’s and ADI trainers, so rest assured, your training will be to a high standard. We are happy to give you contact numbers of former trainees who are now fully qualified ADI’s so you can talk to them about the way we train.

The Test

The test takes about 1 hour and is the second of the 3 tests that you need to pass to qualify as a ADI.  You must be able to read a car numberplate at 27.5 m (about 90 feet) with glasses or contacts if needed.  You will be asked 5 basic vehicle safety/maintenance questions  (show/tell me). For example – show me/tell me how you would check that the oil level is correct on the vehicle. The driving test covers a variety of different roads including  motorways.  You will need to show you have expert handling of all the controls. the correct use of all road procedures. good anticipation of the actions of all other road users and taking appropriate action, sound judgement of speed and distance and showing consideration for all road users and drive in an environmentally friendly manner, carry out manoeuvres, reverse left and right into a side road, reverse into a  parking bay,turn in the road, emergency stop.  You cannot make more then 6 driving faults, throughout the test with no potentially serious or dangerous faults in order to pass the test.


You are allowed 2 years from the date you pass your part 1 to pass the part 2 and 3 tests. You are only allowed 3 attempts at part 2 and also part 3 in order to qualify.  If unsuccessful, you will have to wait for the 2 year anniversary from passing the part 1 to start the whole process again.

The test is not as difficult as it sounds.  With the right training and if you prepared to work hard by putting in the hours studying and practising, you will pass.

If you have any questions about training to become a driving instructor or our training, just ring for an informal chat  John

A Star Driving School

Please Note, I have been as accurate as possible with the qualification details at the time of writing this web page, but cannot be held responsible for the the exact details as changes do happen.  For up to date information, please go to WWW.Gov.UK website.