Trainee Licences

When you have successfully passed the part 2 driving ability test, you have the opportunity to apply for a trainee licence (pink badge) and also charge  pupils for lessons, but many trainees pass the part 3 instruction ability test without  using this option.

The pink badge is a useful training tool if used correctly. Do not use it as a licence in order just to make money by taking on lots of pupils. It needs to be used for you to gain experience, work on your routines and improve your instructional techniques with real learners in preparation for your part 3 test

A trainee licence only lasts for 6 months and there are terms and conditions that you must adhere to when applying and whilst your badge is in operation.  Please go to WWW.Gov.UK website. for more information, or give me a ring. John

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Please Note, I have been as accurate as possible with the qualification details at the time of writing this web page, but cannot be held responsible for the the exact details as changes do happen.  For up to date information, please go to WWW.Gov.UK website.