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If you have had driving lessons before with a driving school and had to stop for some reason or maybe you had private practice with family, friends or your parents and you would like to start having lessons again with an Instructor, then I can help you.  Don’t think it will mean that you have to start over from the beginning.  With an assessment lesson, I will work with you to find out the standard you are at  with your driving so far and work out a structured  plan for future lessons and then work towards helping you to pass your driving test. Testimonials

If you are feeling unsure or perhaps a little nervous, we can always go to quieter roads so you  can get used to the car and boost your confidence.

I always want my pupils to feel confident and safe and at the end of the lesson to feel that they have enjoyed having the lesson.   With this approach you will likely learn faster and so pass your test sooner.

 DON’T FORGET your first hour is HALF PRICE It’s best to book one and a half hours to give enough time so you can make sure that I am the right Instructor for you,

If you have any questions just ring 0161 480 2210

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