Refresher Lessons

Drivers of all ages and driving abilities have refresher lessons. Possibly you recently passed your driving test but haven’t driven much or maybe not at all and now you’re getting your first car( Car Buying Advice ) and need a little help to rebuild your confidence to get back behind the wheel, or you have held a licence for years and had a long break or lost your confidence after a accident or a near miss, or you have a driving licence from abroad and need practice on UK roads.  Maybe you would like to improve your eco driving in order to reduce your fuel costs and to save wear and tear on your car.  You may like help with a certain aspect of your driving, for example motorways,[Motorway Lessons] roundabouts or even parking or simply would like to brush up on your driving skills.

As a fully qualified driving instructor, I will always be professional, patient and friendly and will work with you on the parts of your driving that you would like to improve upon in order to help  you to become a more self assured driver.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ring  John 0161 480 2210

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Please Note I do not offer introductory deals on refresher courses.









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