Test Rescue

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Failed your driving test, or failed your test more than once?  Failing your driving test can be a real disappointment, leaving  you with negative thoughts about learning to drive and the driving test itself.  There are lots of reasons for failing the driving test, from simply not being ready, driving not up to test standard, not being prepared, not knowing what’s needed to pass the test, on-the-day test-nerves which lead to lack of confidence and then you make  silly mistakes.

Whatever the reason for failing your driving test, I can help by improving your confidence and building up your skills so the next time you can look forward to  going in for the test with a new belief in your driving ability and confidence, knowing you do have the ability to pass the driving test.

After an assessment drive, we can discuss your weaknesses and what went wrong on your previous test.  We’ll work out a detailed plan together, so we can then work on any weaknesses you may have and fully prepare you for your next test. Testimonials


If you have any questions, just ring John  0161 480 2210 A Star Driving School

Please Note I do not offer introductory deals on test rescue lessons.