Want to pass the driving test quicker

Do you want to become a safe driver and pass the driving test as soon as you can? Well if you are prepared to do some studying and research at home in between your driving lessons then you can. I always encourage my pupils to follow this advice and the ones that do, always pass their driving test quicker than average! So can you!

Learning to drive is basically two things – car control and knowledge.  The quicker you master these, the sooner you pass your diving test.  Don’t just leave this to your instructor, work with them and help yourself.

car control

car control is being able to operate the clutch, brakes, gears, and steering smoothly and efficiently and being in full control of the car. When you are in a car with someone who can drive they make it look incredibly easy.  When you first start to learn, this can feel totally alien and confusing  but don’t worry, this is normal and it takes time and practice. Obviously your instructor will be helping and teaching you how to operate the controls. It will help you to understand the car control more quickly by reading books such as Driving the essential skills and there are some great videos on u tube. For example if it is clutch control that you would like a better understanding of, type in “driving lesson clutch control”  The more time you spend researching about car control yourself, the quicker you will learn.


You may be studying for, or already have passed the theory test, so you should have a good understanding of the rules and regulations, road marking and signs but it’s more than that.  For example, knowing how to approach a roundabout and having the knowledge and understanding to be able to negotiate the roundabout correctly and safely.  The theory will not necessarily help you to fully understand this, so let’s say your next lesson is going to be roundabouts. Read up on this and/or check videos on u tube.  If you prepare for each lesson in this way, the sooner you will pass the driving test.