Main reasons for failing the driving test

On the link below are listed the top reasons for failing the driving test as a guide from the DVSA

(Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) but the main reason for failing the driving test is not being fully prepared. If you are prepared, you are far less likely to make any of the mistakes on the list.  You have to be honest with yourself. Do you feel confident when you drive on roundabouts, or on busy roads and are you confident doing manoeuvres without any help from your instructor? if not, work on any the parts of your driving that you feel you are weak on.  Have a few mock tests with your instructor and that way you will feel more confident and far less nervous on test day.  Please remember there is no such thing as a perfect driver and that is why you are allowed to make up to 15 minor faults (driver errors) on the driving test. Do be guided by your instructor but above all, be honest with yourself and you will then know when you feel ready to take your driving test.


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