Motorway Lessons

Motorway LessonNOW YOU’VE PASSED

As a learner driver you were not allowed by law to drive on the motorways, but now you’ve passed your test you can. I do include motorway lessons within our Pass Plus course but if would prefer to just have motorway lessons this is not a problem. Maybe the thoughts of driving on the motorway is quite daunting so having motorway tuition with a fully qualified instructor will help you to build on your existing skills, learn new skills and improve your confidence and make you a safer driver on our motorways.


You may have been driving for many years, but avoid motorways at all costs. You are not alone – many drivers do. Possibly the thought that if you do drive on the motorway, you won’t be able to get off, you are fearful of driving with the big trucks and lorries, the number of lanes confuse you and the speed some of the other drivers are going just put you off even attempting to consider driving on the motorways. Whatever the reason is, I can help, so you will feel more confident and happy to use the motorway as part of your everyday driving.


  • Depends On Your Experience
  • Planning Your Journey
  • Joining And Leaving The Motorway
  • Overtaking And Lane Discipline
  • Signs Signals And Road Markings
  • Effective Observations
  • Safe Separation Distance
  • Breakdown Procedures
  • Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Weather Conditions
If You Have Any Questions Please Ring John At  A Star Driving School

0161 480 2210

Please Note I do not offer any introductory deals on motorway lessons.