Pupils Comments Stalling


Stalling on your driving lessons can make you feel like giving up, even after a few lessons I was still stalling at every set of lights I came to.
When I stalled I would get embarrassed and feel like I was holding everybody else up, this would make me stall again. It wasnt that
I didnt know what to do, it was in my head that I was going to stall everytime I stopped. I just had to learn to stay calm and take my time and not worry
about the people behind me. I would panic when I stalled as I felt like other drivers were judging me. The main reason why I would stall was when the lights
changed to green I would be rushing to move off and was bringing the clutch up too fast. Now I have learnt to relax more and take my time. It does get better with practice, John my instructor was very patient and explained what to do if i stalled which made me feel better
you just have to keep trying and dont let it bother you. At first everytime I stalled I would get frustrated with myself because I couldnt do it, this would make me feel like
giving up my driving lessons all together .if I stall now I dont let myself get flustered as I know that everybody goes through a stage of stalling and its all part of learning.