Worried about learning to drive

Does the thought of learning to drive scare the life out of you? Well you are not alone!   Lots of people are scared or terrified.  They are worried even to the point of not  starting to learn to drive because of this fear. Just type into Google the phrase “worried or scared about driving lessons” and see how many results come up – literally thousands.

There can be lots of reasons for you feel nervous, like making a mistake, stalling the car or even the thought of crashing, or just being surrounded by all the pedals, gears, gadgets and gizmos. Rest assured, you have no reason to be nervous.  Remember you are learning to drive and may make a few mistakes or even stall the car.  If you do, I will always be patient.  I am never going to shout or get annoyed with you.  I will just explain to you why the mistake was made and help you to rectify the fault.  Also I will help with any fears or worries you have about learning to drive.  Also please remember the car you will be learning to drive in has dual controls so I can take over if things start  to go wrong to keep us and other road users safe.  By teaching and helping you in this way you will soon be enjoying your lessons and looking forward to the next one and be really glad that you did start to learn to drive.

As a qualified driving instructor with many years experience of teaching people to drive, I fully understand how you may feel.  I have helped lots of pupils just like you to get over their fears and to enjoy the lessons and go on to pass their driving test – many of them first time.  Check out my Testimonials

If you would like a chat about your fears or concerns, just give me a ring. 0161 480 2210   John             A Star Driving School