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Samantha Williamson I’ve just passed my test today and couldn’t be happier with the job my driving instructor John has done. Not only have I passed I feel I’m a safe and good driver. He’s a really nice guy and makes you feel at ease when driving. I’d like to thank him for all the hard work he’s put into making me a good driver 🙂


Cath Eastwood I recently passed my


Driving test first time with John. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience learning to drive with John as he was humorous, laid back and calm. My sister had also passed with John and from her pleasant experience, I knew I would enjoy learning to drive with him. I would highly recommend John to anybody looking for a great instructor. Thanks John


Kimberley Holland
I passed my driving test 1st time! Would like to thank John my driving instructor for being a great instructor. John is a very calm, supportive, patient guy with a good sense of humour. I felt at ease through the lessons and during the test as I had gained a lot of confidence in my driving. I would definitely recommend John and A Star Driving school.


Ryan Clayton


I used A star Driving school twice when learning to drive. I used the company once when I was 18 before I moved away to university and then went traveling. I used them again a second time when I returned back to Stockport. My instructor John was an Unbelievable help to me the first time advising me on what I needed to work on at home inbetween lessons. For example he told me a lot of Youtube videos to look at that would help me with my theory as well as general driving. When I used John for the second time he had kept all my notes from my first time using A Star. I thought this was impressive as I felt my instructor valued me as a customer but also showed that unlike some driving Instructors he had a real passion for my success going on to pass my test. With John you get someone that is honest and upfront with you, he doesn’t try to sugar coat things he will tell you what he thinks. I felt this was important as it kept my feet firmly on the ground and didn’t allow me to think i was better than i was and rush going into my test. I would recommend anyone learning to drive to using A-Star driving school as John has the patience and passion to get you up to test standard and pass first time. Thanks for all the help John



Claire Vennard
John was recommended to me by a friend and I can 100% say that taking my friends recommendation was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. John explained everything from the theory to manouvers in such an easy to digest way that I picked the necessary skills up quickly. His mannerisms made me feel relaxed which definitely helped with my confidence when behind the wheel. I was extremely nervous when I first started driving but this quickly passed once I could tell that I had John’s expertise and knowledge in the car with me. He has such a great attitude to teaching that meant that the lessons were enjoyable and stress free, even when I was learning the most difficult of tasks. I can’t thank John enough for his understanding, patient’s, time and encouragement when teaching me. I fully recommend John as any-ones instructor and I hope people take my recommendation, and the ones below, as I did my friends!


Thanks   John for helping me pass first time! Really enjoyed all my lessons and felt at ease throughout my driving. John explained everything very well which made everything easy to pick up and I felt I had a lot of support on the run up to my test. Glad I choose ‘A star driving school’ would recommend to anyone 🙂  Katherine


Thanks to John for helping me pass my driving test, it took me a bit longer than others as am not a bright spark and found driving very difficult but he was very patient with me and always put me at ease and gave me the encouragement and support not to give up! Can’t fault John for anything and I would highly recommend him to others! Thanks for all your help john x
John is a really good instructor and helped me pass my test first time. If you have any faults he’ll be quick to pick up on them and will explain on how to correct them and will always find ways for you to improve. He is a really funny and friendly guy who will always find ways to make you laugh. Cheers mate, it’s been great!  Ed Clark
John was a brilliant instructor, highly recommend! 3 members of my family have now passed with John. He is very friendly and helped me to feel at ease when learning to drive. John explained things in different ways to ensure that I had a better understanding. I would definitely recommend John to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thank you for all your help!
John is a very patient and understanding instructor. I passed first time after John gave me confidence in my driving and helped me to feel at ease while driving. He is very flexible and will do what he can to fit around your other commitments. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn. Thanks John.
A fab driving school. The instructor (john) is a funny and friendly guy. i was a very nervous driver when i started my driving lessons and lacked in confidence. John gave me the reassurance i needed to pass my test . I passed 1st time with 1 minor and i would recommend john to anyone learning to drive. p.s a brilliant and understanding instructor but most of all a really nice man………