Stalling the car

There is no need to be embarrassed  or annoyed with yourself if you stall the car when moving off, especially when you first start learning to drive. Please remember this is all part of the learning process and as your understanding of how the car works and your confidence of handling the the controls improves, you will be less likely to stall.  Though even drivers with many years of driving experience can stall the car from time to time.

If you were to stall the car during your driving test, as long as you don’t stall in a dangerous place, such as on a roundabout, or in the middle of a busy junction for example, as long as you restart under control and safely, it may not even be marked down as a driver fault.

If you do stall when moving off, the first thing to do is not to panic, but your need to get the the car under control and apply the footbrake to stop the car from moving or rolling.  You will also have your brake lights on by pressing the brake pedal and this will let the car behind  know you are stopped and then you will apply the handbrake to secure the car, press the clutch down to the floor, if not already down and then restart the engine,  There is no need to go into neutral but check you are in 1st gear, then find and hold  the bite on the clutch making sure it is safe to move off,  release the handbrake, press the gas a little and slowly bring up the clutch to move off again.